3 great online resources on error coins

by D&G on October 25, 2008

Searching for error coins can be a fun and potentially rewarding hobby. The key to being successful with any hobby is learning where to find knowledgeable resources. We've mentioned a couple of books that we found particularly helpful while researching error coin collecting:

Type "error coins" in any search engine and you'll find plenty of links to sites on this topic. Below are three sites that we've found particularly helpful.

  1. Mint Error News
    We've reviewed Mint Error News in a previous post. We discovered this site shortly after we became interested in error coins and kept returning for the helpful and up-to-date information it provides. The website provides a detail error coin glossary with photos and a helpful pricing guide.
  2. Baker Numismatics
    This family run coin collecting business has a wonderful website dedicated to helping collectors "find answers to their questions." The site provides a very helpful learning section on error coins. The site also includes useful articles on different facets of coin collecting. One in particular offered details on State quarters with missing clad layers. This article is a great education on how dealers authenticate error coins and the unfortunate issue of fraudulent error coins.
  3. Ken Potter's Variety Vault
    Ken Potter co-wrote the book that helped kicked off our interest in error coins: Strike it Rich with Pocket Change: Error Coins bring Big Money. His website provides outstanding highly detailed macro photos of coins. The details captured in the photos really gives us an apprecation for beauty of coins.  Suffice it to say, this is a website with articles and information written by someone acknowledged to be a leading expert in the field of error coin collecting. For Simpsons fans, be sure to check out the photos of the Simpson coins.


A great resource for error coin collectors is minterrornews.com. This site is the online version of a print magazine dedicated to mint error-related information. Mike Byers is the publisher and editor of this publication. According to the site's about us page, Mike has been a professional numinsmatist since 1978 and is the largest dealer of the world's rarest mint error coins.

Mint Error News delivers many great features for the error coin collector, including:

  • An error coin category glossary illustrated with photo examples
  • A helpful pricing guide that provides compiled by the top major error coin dealers

The site is a highly informative resource on error coins. Additionally, Mint Error Coin News provides links to many of the major collectors as well as extensive article base.



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