Explore, Browse and Shop for U.S. Error Coins

A hobby that attracts new collectors every day, error coin collecting is an exciting passion that transcends normal coin collection. Mint error coins are rare. And most minting errors are found by the mint and never released into circulation. That makes discovering and holding these unique finds a truly exciting experience.

United States Mint Error Coins website is dedicated to promoting this hobby. Our mission is to provide news and information on error coins useful for the beginning and experienced collector.

Shopping for U.S. Error Coins by Category: This section of our website provides a listing of error coins currently being offered for sale on EBay. We've cataloged these coins by their error coin characteristics, such as double dies, off-center strikes and clipped planchets.

Error Coin Blog: Our blog provides information and resources on error coin collecting.

Error coin Resources: We've provided links (see right) to many of the leading websites offering additional information on error coins, including pricing guides and current news.


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